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Bees of California: Art, Science, & Poetry

Bees of California: Art, Science & Poetry ​is a book that responds to the tragedy, beauty, and importance of bees. The ecological, taxonomic and artistic work in this book is based on real-world research and paints the problem of bee diversity and bee population decline. Over 20 illustrations and haikus were contributed by UCSC artists. I contributed the illustrations presented on this page; Bombus vosnesenskii (yellow-faced bumble bee), Peponapis pruinosa (squash bee), and a wing illustration. I also visually directed and created the book itself, which included creating the cover, choosing the font and layout design, and editing all the artwork to print-ready quality.

Bees of California is available on Amazon, the Norris Center for Natural History and the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History.

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Sample Page Spreads:
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